“Bags In The Lobby” New Exclusive By Jimmy Bones & Rob Stashiz












We are proud to be the first to bring to you this new exclusive from an explosive MC and song writer by the name of Jimmy Bones and Rob Stashiz. This song impressed us here at Divine Artistic United Society a great deal and we are thankful for the opportunity to share it with the universe.It is obvious that a decent amount of time and attention went into the crafting of this smooth,hip-hop/blues fuzed recording produced by MFA.But anyone who knows that “Jimmy Got Soul”,should also know that he’s all about putting in the work to get things right.The mix on the song is a well done job that compliments the story telling(who doesn’t love story telling)  of the two MC’s who both deliver well executed performances.Performances that carry a deeper meaning that may elude those who focus only on the surface level of the composition.We encourage all of our supporters to take a moment to allow this record to move you.Share it with a friend and most importantly,let us know what you think.

Jimmy Bones At Voltage Night Club
Jimmy Bones At Voltage Night Club

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