A 1 Since Day 1

After working diligently to record and release his first four projects(Still Hungry vol 1&2,All Eyes On The Gang, and So Understandable) DMoney has made his way back to the studio to record and release a collection of fresh rap tracks titled “A 1 Since Day 1”

The collection consists of 6 newly written songs on various indie instrumentals produced by some of DMoneys favorite and most trusted producers.In its entirety the project is just shy of twenty minutes in play time, two short to be consider an album but in our opinion more effective than most EP’s being released by Indie HipHop Artist today.It is obvious when listening that there has been some growth in the young artist as his songs possess a cleanliness and a control that at one time may not have been so apparent.What ever the difference may be we are glad to see DMoney cranking out music and encouraging others to do the same.Check ¬†out A1 Since Day 1 there is a link below.If you are an artist you should link up with DMoney & MoulaGang we hear they are looking for artist.

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