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Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 5.57.09 PMAttention All Lover of Plants and Gardens

Divine Artistic United Society is proud to announce the creation of its new website dedicated to gardening.The site will showcase public and private gardens in the Philadelphia and its neighboring areas before eventually branching off to document gardens throughout the U.S. and around the world.Visitors to the site will be able to view photos and video of beautifully grown annuals and perennials as well as discover tips and information on garden maintenance ,planting,and troubleshooting.

The primary intention of the site is to share and make readily available the wonders of horticulture and botany to the world while offering enthusiast the opportunity to share their stories of successful grows,helpful hints,questions,and overall passion for gardening with viewers of all ages who may have similar needs,questions,and interests.

More than a source of entertainment and fun,the new gardeners haven will act as useful tool for school students, supplying them with visual aids,audio/video lectures , Informative blog posts, and Q&A forums.

You could help make this site a reality by making a donation  or by being featured on our website and added to our index .

Please forward all inquiries to our director at


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