Black Vibes Matter By DMoney

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Black Vibes Matter is an album that will go down in history! Each song brings a different aspect of D $Money$’s personality. The intro starts off with a great perspective of the work he has put in to get to this 10th album. It is raw and gritty, and its focus captured the essence and importance of keeping the audience’s opinion at the core. He goes into detail about artists and their desire to be a part of the industry. “The game is free; what you do with it matters!”
There’s so much passion in this album. The transparency is what makes it relatable to others, which will keep them coming back for more. The rules of the game that D $money$ discusses involves turning anything into a positive, and if not for self, “do it for the kids!” I love how he breaks down the effects of Covid and how it put the world into survival mode.
Another important aspect of D $Money$ is his love for, and encouragement of family. With a mix of personal and conscious lyrics, it’s a perfect blend to relate to and captivate a universal audience. That cocaine flow broke down fake love and the importance of togetherness. I felt the passion and love in each song. The beats captivated my soul to keep wanting more. From start to finish, the dialogue mixed in the songs let the flow, flow naturally.
Written By Alexia Timothy
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