Corrupted Mind “Battling A Shadow” ft. John Blaze

Corrupted Mind Tv series Soundtrack Featuring Emerging Artist John Blaze

Corrupted Mind is a movie about individuals that have become corrupted by todays lifestyle, media and the influence of the environment that surrounds them. Jerome’s objective is to show the insight of the corrupted individual and the struggle of finding their own way in today’s society.

P Gudda

This native – Northern Philadelphian, up & coming artist, grew up in the city of brotherly love, and expressed his appreciation for arts at a tender age. His passion for music and arts began to flourish at the age of ten when he realized he had natural ability to lyrically convey his thoughts into rhythmical compositions. His alter ego P-Gudda, allows him to embrace the hip-hop, funk sound of the old Philly which sanctions a smooth melt down with a new groove funk of the new Philly.
His future desire as  a creative mind is to become the most inspiring artist of the Rap and Hip-Hop generation and express his differences in individuality.

Jerome UpChurch and Gudda Films

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