DAUS Tops Pop Chart at Number One Music

Fueled with passion, Mista Heard’s music cannot be described as anything less than uplifting amongst societies everywhere. This brand of music has been set to outlast trends, allowing people to relate to it no matter where they are from. This calm and educated artist sees himself as a member of society, a society of which he hopes to bring together through his talent and clear set vision.

Passionate for the  opportunity  to be creative MistaHeard has been supplying listeners with personal recordings developed in his mothers basement since the early 2000 just before his acting career took off sending him on his first ever world tour.This however only equipped the young star in training with the understanding of the commercial industry strengthening the young mans ability to produce quality work and performances capable of entertaining a mass audience.

Since 2006 MistaHeard has been working with a select few artist from the city of Philadelphia even a few childhood friends on what they describe as the “YHR” sound.The sound that Mista believes is the key ingredient to all of there hit recordings.YHR(Ya Heard Records) is a term used to describe the beginning stages of what is known today as DAUS Divine Artistic United Society a privately owned multi media production firm.The sound of the firms music can not be easily categorized and its concepts may be a little hard to understand.However in the end the labels productions speak for themselves.

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The record making master mind says it simple and tries his best to explain what the key ingredients are.

The YHR sound is what you get when you force a marriage between form and content.All great works have the influence of the Divine Creator.We welcome the Divine Creator with open arms.

Mista Heard

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