High Traffic On 420

We want to say thank you to all of our supporter for helping us reach another mile stone.We have officially topped last years traffic by 131 visits.We are on our way to 1 million and beyond.Continue to help us reach our goal by visiting our website,checking out our music,videos and blogs, and by sharing our content with friends.

Below is a few photos of some of the people who have helped us along the way.


Newest D.A.U.S artist J-krazz (J craze) is busy finishing up his album and preparing for its February release.
D.A.U.S artist Kenny Bank
Recce Rosario

L.E.O goes in Live At Dahlak
Come See American Dinosaur Live at Dahlak Jan 10, 2015
Avery Shonte
Proud Sponsor
Divine Artistic united Society
GoGo Morrow
Big Daddy Kane
Mont Brown & Jayyshine

Anthony Williams
Chaka Fattah
Antoine The Icon
Amina Bell
SuperStar B
Jimmy Bones
Sunny James
Mathew Law
David Adams
Kid Nice
Mally Levi & Kid Nice
Sanovia Garrett
American Dinosaur
Chill Moody

New Music By CPF
Lito Take Over
BBoy Hannibal
BBoy Super Josh
Salman Sheikh

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