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We set this interview up prior to bringing it to the forefront. Me and D-Money that is. D-Money recently came back to his home town to visit his family , network with music related interests , and he took the opportunity to sit down for this personalized interview as follows

Darrell McCleary likes to bring excitement , energy, and different feelings into the universe. He is highly conscious of what different levels of energies represent in people , forms of life , and how they correlate in the universe. He aspires to connect with various people of all walks of life with his craft.

a1-since-trial.jpgBeing in school was a very significant time in D Money’s life. This is where he was able to establish many of his early friend , musical , and social connections throughout. This is also the place where he was given his rap name by a host of his closest people. He is very in tuned with how he wants to layer an entire body of artistic work. Darrell defines this in summary as his impact overall. Some of the key components which are extremely important from his perspective , are , a strong ethic of hard working and there is an emphatic importance to make history in all of your granted abilities.

One of the modern anchors in Darrell’s life nowadays is that of his girlfriend who helps him steer his ship and compliments his talents altogether. ” She’s a good influence ” D Money says of his girlfriend. As an emcee , D Money uses her vibe to write from altering ideals. Those that would come across from the male and female vantage points , are some of the assessments his woman gives him on his very writing and artistry.

What do you expect of this caliber of indie artist in 2016? D Money is set out to put in more ground work , public shows and appearances , as well as a highlighted point to conduct public speaking for the youth especially.

What I t576717_397173720306166_742375816_nook from D Money speaking on levels of ambition was that your degree of work is going to reflect the level of business that you get yourself into , as well as the results you will receive on your end from your ethics. Nothing ever comes easy with anyone in the world , and I found it surprising that when I asked Darrell about what obstacles he dealt with recording his album …. he did not mention anything that had to do with business or from the audio angle of it all. The biggest hurdle he had to deal with was the passing of his uncle. He told me about the way that it grieved him , based off of what his uncle had meant to him , and then from another instance D Money used his uncle’s passing to strengthen his artistic vigor.He told me how much ladies love his record known as Tweak Season. This record comes from the perception of telling girls who take up exotic entertainment to remain uplifted , business oriented , and that he supports the decision for a woman to take this road to get from one place to another. D Money has also worked with Pinky Lee on more than one occasion. His music relationship with Pinky Lee is one that has at least spanned a decade to this present date. He exclaims working with her as a very professional woman , and he broke down the concepts derived which went into making their latest song 2 A.M.

D Money has been in transactions with DAUS ( Divine Artistic United Society ) since 2010 when he met with MistaHeard. He started his DAUS tenure as member and then was later signed as an artist in 2013. Darrell believes he fits right into the general hip hop crowd , those who liken to lyrical emcees , and he touches with mainstream and radio music. Lately , D Money has been posted up shouting out the latest episodes of DAUS Radio. You can approach and see the life of D Money @

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