Jimmy Bones Wins Song Battle

We have seen all kinds of new trends developing as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Despite the stay at home order that the nation has been slapped with. Many are finding ways to keep themselves entertained.

After a friendly exchange on Facebook the two hip-hop artist Jimmy Bones and DMoney agreed to duke it out in song battle fashion.Certainly something different for the hip-hop community and a special surprise for fans and followers.The battle which was set for 15 rounds lasted close to two hours and drew several crowds of indie artist and moguls like @BakkWoodPapi00@Jayyshine, @SlamHubWrestling,@I-KnowBrasco, and others.

The viewers had a blast telling jokes and giving critiques in the comment section.While the performers respectfully unleashed on one anther 30 second samples of their best material.It was decided in the end that Jimmy Bones would be the winner of this new aged rap stand off.







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