New Future For the Divine Artistic United Society


Since 2012 we have grown a great deal.From web traffic to publishing and distribution we have continued to make improvements that will benefit our clients and members.Now here in 2017 we are prepare to refocus the company’s resources so that a more efficient DAUS can emerge.

We want to provide service that people can afford but we also want to create a solid organization that can industrialize this “Indie Scene” so that real growth and revenue generation can occur.We don’t want to be like most production companies who just want to make a profit.We want to create a system that ensures our clients and members a return on their investments.

Anthony B. Heard Pres. & CEO

Advertising & Promotions

Management & Development

Consultation & Creative solutions

Multimedia Production

The company plans to focus on providing 4 main services which it feels is most needed by the entrepreneur and independent artist at this present time.These services are advertising and promotions,management and developement, consultations and creative solutions.

The company feels that the over saturation of the music producer market, record label market, and overall entertainer markets have in the past and are now contributing to the lack of financial power here in the city of Philadelphia and needs to be allowed to digress on its own.In the mean time the Divine Artistic United Society will be doing its own part to contribute to the restructuring of things.Assisting artist in the areas hardest to find assistance in.Giving what is normally sold not told to those who are most deserving and willing to invest in themselves.

The company also has plans to launch a separate music group witch will primarily show case what DAUS calls Street Spittas. These “street spittas” are different from young mc’s today and in a big way.Most of these artist while talking about street culture, drug life and getting money still maintain a respect and moral compass that is foreign to young artist in todays industry.DAUS plans to capitalize on this difference by creating a label that affords these versatile craftsmen  the opportunity to make that pain and story telling music of the 90’s.If everything goes according to plan Philly could be seeing a shift in the city in terms of music and its evolution.

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