Quarantine X P More Than Just A Video

During tough times like a global pandemic, where would we be without the artist who continue to remain true to their craft and loyal audiences Putting themselves in danger for crazy shots and footage. Sometimes risking it all for the fans and supporters. Its a job that not everyone can stomach,however  these three are showing us all the world that  they are up for it.

QUARANTINE music video was derived from 3 Independent Artist from the city of Philadelphia https://www.facebook.com/BlackHippyFr… / https://www.facebook.com/cj.bennett.96 during the 2020 Pandemic of the #Coronavirusoutbreak Also known as #COVID19 As the world was in a state of emergency and on a total shut and lockdown, we, the rebels of our time decided to do what we do best! CREATE!!! Thank you for your continual support in times such as these, and we hope putting our lives on the line is worth your entertainment!

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