The Bean Cafe With Ani Li Mars

1071578_10153087643120427_1014298183_oAlong our musical journey we have come across some of the best and the brightest. Among them is this talented and inspirational creator Ani Li MarsA music producer,recording artist and CEO,this young entrepenure is on a mission to make her mark in the music world.We sat down at  The Bean Cafe on South Street to chat briefly about her career and interest.She was glad to share with us some of her wisdom and we were happy to receive it.

She explained in short, her beginnings with production.How she started off with FL Studio before experimenting with different DAWs and developing an understanding of audio science.She spoke peacefully about her internships and the people who contributed to her growth, also about what she plans to do with her company as things progress.Hear it all in this audio recording above and check out some of her music below.



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