Queen Jo – Hotel Rwanda:

Queen Jo – Hotel Rwanda

Queen Jo’s single “Hotel Rwanda” from the Cleopatra’s Rapture EP is a about a moment spent in a artist house held in a gentrified neighborhood in North Philadelphia. At a time where neighborhood tensions were high, this house (Hotel Rwanda) was a safe haven for foreign artists and neighborhood artists could get together and create at all hours of the night without dealing with the rest of the world. In this place, anyone could find love! Directed and shot by Bryan Green, and heavily inspired by the Busta Rhymes video, “Hands Where My Eyes Can See”, Hotel Rwanda was shot on a 6D camera with a fish eye lens!

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Indie Arts at Cafe Breezes

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If you are in indie artist or a supporter of the Philadelphia indie arts movement make sure you come out to this event.Join us As we celebrate the growth of our community with a night of performances and socializing.

April 23,2015 at Cafe Breezes

5131 W Columbia Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131

Show starts at 9:00pm 21+


Some Alchemy Real Quick

I came to this sweet realization. It’s possible to turn an object into an event that you want to happen. If you buy something related to the event you choose to manifest, it can become what I call a “token of intent”.

It’s possible too, that you may not have to but this item. Maybe the “token” can come from a loved one that decide  you deserve it. In my own experience, I’ve only bought things(and not expensive at all), but the key is the relation.

What makes it alchemy is the exchange of the money or the energy of gratitude(from that love one), it makes a sort of “pact”, or promise. That energy goes into the token.

It’s also  important to take the steps to drive that energy from that token of intent, to that desired event. Didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but hell, so be it,

i guess you care for an example, I gotchu b. I been trying to get a one bedroom apartment for a month. I found the one that I needed and I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

While I was online trying to see how much a lil flat screen tv cost, I decided it wasn’t in the budget, cool. Then I saw the “similar items” pane and they had mini projectors for less than half the price!

I copped it immediately and made it my token of intent. Mind you, the odds were very very very much against me from the start. But it didn’t matter, I took the steps to get this crib.

Filled out the app, grabbed the money orders for my deposit, turned it in, waited for approval, signed the lease, grabbed the keys and moved in, now here we are.

Now would you believe ya boy if he said he was here sitting next to that projector right damn now?





We are more than cheese steaks and Rocky.

People underestimate the city of Brotherly Love. We are more than cheese steaks and Rocky. We’re a city of pure and undeniable talent. Yes, you may hear and know about, Jill Scott, Will Smith, and The Roots in the mainstream, but what about the unmarked talent? Underground/Indie is where true talent lies.
This is the age where artist aren’t looking for a contract with some over the top record label. They are putting in the work themselves. They’re paying for their own studio time, their own Marketing and Promoting. The days of waiting for someone to “notice” them are long gone.
Three people in particular caught my attention here in the city, Chill moody, Mista Heard and DaKid Nice. Three talented young men taking Philly by storm.
chill moody
First up and leading the pack is Indie Music Award Winner Chill Moody.This skilled artist has been bridging the gap between Indie and mainstream hip-hop for some years now. He’s been featured on shows like 106 & Park and MTV.He has also been seen tearing up the stage at the legendary Roots Picnic and SXSW.You can find is face on the  pages of news papers in cities throughout the states as he makes his brand Nice Things known to the world. (www.chillmoody.com)
Mista Heard in Cap
Known for his work behind the scenes of the Indie Arts community, CEO and president  Mista Heard is an artist and entrepreneur leading the underground in a new direction. He has worked with some of the industries largest and smallest touring for seven years as an actor with Justice Productions.After completing college Mista focused on running his business and perfecting his craft. He now produces some of the hottest avant-garde music Indie artist have to offer. (www.nonstopworking.com)
Lastly,flying under the radar is the charismatic artist KidNice.Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of him yet,you will know the name soon enough. This talented MC can be seen brushing shoulders with big wigs like Vivica Fox on any given day of the week.He is a master a the reinvention and has just dropped one of the hottest mix tape’s [titled “the notorious kid” (3/9/2015)] to come out in years. He’s up and coming but eager, which is going to take him far.
 These three like many others are making their mark on the maps. Prepare to bask in the authenticity of the true Philly genius that these three are bringing to the world.

T.E. Hardy