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Music Producer  Mista Heard, a Philadelphia native is on a quest to obtain knowledge,while giving back to his community through charitable works and connecting with other like minded individuals. The Philadelphia native is here to build and create different avenues for artist and civilians to become educated on the ins and outs of media production.


His first full length album Presidential Speech was released last year in February and has been sold digitally over 150 times .A number that this charismatic MC tells us he isn’t thrilled with but believes is a good stepping stone.

I released the album after years of studying the business of production and entertainment.Originally the album was  meant to demonstrate my potential and understanding of writing,performing and recording music.We didn’t plan to sell the album but doing so helped us reach a remarkable conclusion.We were able to better target our audience and further our knowledge of where our market is flourishing.With little to no promotion we were able to capitalize on the projects momentum and increase our sales.

Mista Heard

The album is in stores now so if you haven’t purchased your copy of  Presidential Speech and would like to support you have about one week to do so.If you cant purchase the album don’t worry it will be available for free  at on the first of February.




TMC at Voltage Lounge

Leo at Mixed

L.E.O & Troy Goodwin Team Mixed Chemistry

As the new year continues on many of the local venues in the Philadelphia are seeing a shift in the tide.Taking on a new era of young entertainers,artist and merchants.One of the many places facilitating this transformation and growing in popularity is  Voltage Lounge.

On January 15th 2015,the venue opened its doors for the first time to T.M.C (Team mixed Chemistry) a collaborative group hosting their monthly showcase Mixed Chemistry.The inspirational teams efforts proved to be a success bringing creative minds  together from all over for a night of art and entertainment.

Dave Art







David Adams is a Philadelphia based Illustrator and founder of  DA.GRAPHIXX. One of the main Goals of DA.Graphixx is to inspire generations of subcultures ,through innovative and artistic collaborations as well as product lines that promote positive and alternative lifestyle choices.

ladies performing

(From left to Right)Singer&Performer Seray Maven ,Vera Kay,Alexis Simmons


These three ladies joined forces to give an awaiting Mixed Chemistry crowd a beautiful and high energy performance.Led by Seray Maven the three solo artist performed a few well known tunes that got the audience moving.





There are plenty of events being spawned.Take advantage of the opportunity to support something new.You never know who or what will be the next big thing.

crowd at mixed chemestry

Voltage Lounge as people mad their way in just before the show started


8 More Productions

8 More filmedWe are pleased to present to you 8More one of Philly’s own super producers and MCs.This multifaceted master of production is on a steady grind not just to be one of the biggest names in music but to be as creatively explosive as possible so that his impact can be remembered for ever.Download Endustry 8 today by 8More and start learning what all the fuss is about.

This is 8More’s third mixtape “Endustry 8.2″ (2014) which features Eness, Freck Billionaire, Black Dinero , A-Matic and more! This project was produced by 8More productions LLC. (8MP BEATZ)

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 1.30.32 PMScreen shot 2015-01-07 at 1.24.44 PM






ALT Music Banquet

The ALT Music Banquet
What Is The ALT Music Banquet
The ALT Music Banquet is an awards banquet held yearly by the Divine Artistic United Society. Its primary purpose is to reward independent artist ad unsigned artist for their hard work and creativity within the Alternative Music Genre.
Our first alternative music banquet will be held in January 2016 in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. All are welcome to come out and show encouragement for the nominees and winners, while we celebrate their excellence.
Nominee and Registration
Any artist can be a nominee by registering with the Divine Artistic United Society and submitting their work during the designated period. Once this period has passed all submissions will be reviewed and winners chosen by a committee of announced judges. The winners will then be awarded before the public during a banquet ceremony.
Registration will begin January 1,2015.
Fee for individual artist- $5.00
Fee for labels-$20
Ask about our sponsorship opportunities
For more information and inquires please contact using the information provided below.
Ask about our sponsorship opportunities
Avery Shonte

Avery Shonte