Baron Heard Paintings

Baron Heard is a Philadelphia-based artist specializing in the creation of decorative accessories especially for the home and office. As a lover of nature, wisdom, and truth Baron often creates pieces that are inspired by plants animals and everyday life which he feels most people can relate to. It is his wish to provide for the public non-offensive art that individuals can appreciate, confidently share with friends, and comfortably reflect on.

Inspired by his mother at the young age of 9 to become an artist Baron began his journey to uncover the answer to the question “what does it mean to be an artist?” Out of his attempts to arrive at a conclusion, a multimedia / mixed media artist was born. Although being taught advanced aspects of art and business by various mentors, much of Baron’s skills would be picked up autodidactically making him stand out as more than just an artist with a degree. Before returning to fine art Baron would master the audio sciences, study theater and affective speaking, as well as cultivate an understanding of esoterica and the occult among other things.