$100 To The Best Freestyle Recording

NastyWurk.com is offering $100 and a first-place prize to the best freestyle recording of 2024.This is an opportunity to get your music heard and to have your talent showcased before the world. Submissions will be accepted as of January 1, 2024, and will continue until December. All recordings will be reviewed and voted on by a committee, who’s members will be made public as the competition develops. Submissions should be made to Nastywurk@yahoo.com along with a promo fee of $5 per submissions (artist may submit no more than 2 works). All payments for fees should be made to $divineartsiticunited via cash app and should accompany submitted content.


  1. Your content in mp3 format
  2. Cover Art or Artist Image
  3. Artist Biography and Info
  4. Link to recording publication (YouTube, Soundcloud, Band Camp, etc.)
  5. Promo fee

Contact: Nastywurk@yahoo.com